Quran Module for Drupal 8

I just released alpha1 version of Quran module for Drupal 8. This initial port of Quran for Drupal 8 do not have complete features yet. There is a plan to add more features later such as search for specific verses by keywords, listen Quran recitation and random verses.

This module includes Quran in Arabic, and English for default translation. To download it, visit https://www.drupal.org/project/quran.

This module is using Quran text and translations from http://tanzil.net/.

If you love this work, please pray Allah for the goodness of me, my family and all muslimin around the world. Jazakallah (Thanks).

Btw, wishing all muslim around the world ramadan mubarak. May our fasting and prayers and other worship this month be pleasing to Allah. May He make it easy for us and strengthen us by it.